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KAITE: Zimbabwe's bridge to the world

KAITE: Zimbabwe's bridge to the world

A small business, a research institution and an association of small-scale women farmers together are facing the challenge of improving rural livelihoods and reversing severe land degradation through innovative organic farming of essential oils, made from the indigenous Tarchonanthus camphoratus bush.

Since 2007, KAITE trains small-scale farmers to produce, process and certify organic essential oils, herbs and spices. It is the first local enterprise in Zimbabwe to work with small-scale women farmers to produce these products for export. The 30 employees at KAITE connect the 500 cooperating partner farmers to local and international fair trade markets in order to target key markets in Europe and the US in the flavouring, fragrance, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Each KAITE partner farmer increases its family’s income by 150% while fulfilling international customers’ demands for organic products and derivatives. 

  • Expand the cooperation to new parts of Zimbabwe
  • By the end of 2010, increase the number of partner farmers from 500 to 2500.
  • Purchase additional high quality mobile distillation equipment to enable an increase in the number of rural communities working in organic production in social and environmental programmes


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