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Integrated Plastics Recovery and Recycling project

Integrated Plastics Recovery and Recycling project

A project carried out by a large and a small business in partnership with a national NGO, aiming to offer the most viable option to recycling of dirty polythenes into plastic poles. It works to improve and strengthen livelihood assets for poor and marginalised youth and women.

The initiative, established in 2009, is unique as it recycles dirty plastic containers (polythenes) using a novel technique and converts them into plastic poles. No other plastic recycler is known to be able to recycle dirty polythenes (LDPE) that litter the environment without first undergoing a washing process. It is thus a process that minimises resource use. Plastic waste, collected by community members, is used as the raw material for durable and sustainable plastic poles. The poles are then used as fences or as other construction materials within the building sector, which is the main market. 

  • Mobilise and organise the community to collect, sort and recover plastics through education and awareness-raising.
  • Mobilise other stakeholders to support the initiative (including Government to create conducive policies, donors to fund the mobilisation and production, relevant industries able to help with technical expertise).
  • Improve production capacity by upgrading machinery.
  • Strengthen the sales and marketing portfolio.


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