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Innovative oyster, fish and algae aqua-farming

Innovative oyster, fish and algae aqua-farming

A local business in partnership with a national NGO is farming oysters, fish and algae under controlled conditions in an environmentally friendly and wholly sustainable manner. Farming fish provides relief from subsistence fishing of the over-harvested lagoons in the region as well as new food security and income generation to communities involved.

Since 2006, the tropical multi-species aqua-farm has contributed to food security by providing sustainable supplies of organic oysters, milkfish and tilapia. Now they are also cultivating and harvesting micro-algae as livestock feed for the fish. Fish are co-farmed with shellfish and micro-algae in inland ponds, drawing on the tropical climate, natural nutrient cycles and new harvesting technologies. By providing locally-made, algae-based feed, the project is tapping into an under-served market of 8,000 seafood-loving residents and 90,000 visitors in the Cook Islands. 

  • Run trials to separate algae from water in the most efficient way.
  • Test the harvested algae cakes as feedstock for local pigs, chickens, goats and, of course, a variety of fish.
  • Make organic fish and livestock pellets from the micro-algae and terrestrial plants: moringa, maniota, portulaca.
  • Utilise the herbivorous fish as yet another organic livestock feed ingredient.
  • Expand the aquafarm to new sites, such as the neighbouring island Mauke where the impoverished community needs livestock industry, and continue oyster farming.
  • Continue paid aquaculture consultation to Maori tribes


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