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Eco-Amazon Piabas of Rio Negro

Eco-Amazon Piabas of Rio Negro

A national NGO, a cooperative of small producers and public authorities are working together to build a niche market of specialty ornamental fishes and to introduce a fair trade system through socio-environmentally responsible fishing.

The project aims to safeguard traditional ornamental fisheries in the Amazon in a sustainable way by stimulating a niche market. Through a socially and environmentally responsible fishery cooperative and traders, the initiative introduces a fair trade system for rural communities. A cooperative will supply tropical fish hobbyists with Amazon fish that carry a green label which indicates that the fish was sourced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. It will also include a geographic origin indication. This promotes an international ‘green’ ornamental fish industry and the conservation of the Amazon. Eco-Amazon, together with the cooperative, not only explores greater varieties of target species to meet the market demand but also reduces fishing pressure on traditional species.  

The project initially targets the Asian market but aims to expand to the worldwide fish market.

  • Assist the fish collectors cooperative in establishing a fair trade chain
  • Continue working with local communities on co-management and technology transfer to develop suitable protocols and improve fish health and quality.
  • Assist local exporters to upgrade fish holding facilities, quarantine and packing processes to reduce death on arrival at the distributors’ end.
  • Seek additional R & D grants for ecology, socio-economic and market analyses.


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