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Carbon Bank and Village Development Project

Carbon Bank and Village Development Project

This innovative initiative of national NGOs and an academic institution aims to encourage, support and enhance community-based indigenous forestry through carbon credit trading to enable successful climate change adaptation and socioeconomic development for local communities and biodiversity conservation

The Carbon Bank and Village Development Project (VDP) enable successful climate change adaptation, local socio-economic development, and biodiversity conservation in rural Thailand. Since 2005, the initiative has encouraged, supported and enhanced community-based indigenous forestry through carbon offsets. Trees planted in the project community forests generate carbon credits which are sold to local, national and international businesses and individuals. Businesses and individuals increasingly purchase carbon credits to offset emissions and the project’s innovative product provides more value for today’s demanding market since it combines village development with market-based carbon trading.

By the end of 2011, the project aims to establish 48 village projects. The scale up will foster a sustainable financial mechanisms for carbon credit payments which in turn will provide funds to implement community-wide infrastructure improvements and support village micro-credit saving and loan schemes.

In the next two years (2009-2011) the Carbon Bank and Village Development project seeks to:

  • expand from 2 villages to 48 villages participating in the programme and develop working agreements between the partners and community committees
  • develop and implement community outreach programmes
  • carry out an annual carbon audit
  • develop and implement training programmes on nursery management/ horticulture and forest management/ silviculture
  • establish village banks
  • prepare degraded communal/ agricultural land for tree planting, plant and maintain trees
  • carry out study tours and planting trips with interested people and volunteers in North East Thailand
  • establish small-scale tree and herb nurseries in community schools.


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