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Cool clean tech to tackle climate change

Authors: Source: Green Times
As showcased during the SEED South Africa Symposium 2019, South African entrepreneurs are taking climate change seriously: Water filters made from macadamia nut shells, a mobile solar-powered kiosk for charging phones in off-grid areas, vegetable growing systems using recycled plastic bags, and a machine that turns any type of waste into energy (gas) or diesel. Read more

2018 Women Stop Hunger Awards to reward exemplary initiatives

Authors: Stop Hunger Source: Stop Hunger
Nonhlanhla Joye, and her start-up Umgibe Farming Organics, which today allows 3,000 families from the Durban townships in South Africa to survive. From a simple and ingenious idea of small crops of fresh vegetables above ground, Nonhlanhla has quickly built an original and sustainable model that empowers women and surrounding communities, creates jobs and boosts local economic activity, among other benefits. Read more

2017 SAG-SEED Awards Ceremony for three South African Winners

Published: 11 September 2017
South Africa hosted the SAG-SEED Awards Ceremony for three South African winners on 18th August 2017 in Pretoria. Read more

Meet the 2017 SWITCH Africa Green-SEED Award Winners

Published: 13 July 2017
The 15 winners of this year’s SWITCH Africa Green -SEED Awards were  announced during the UN High Level Political Forum 2017 in New York. Read more

Enterprise Brief: Umgibe Farming Organics and Training Institute

Published: 12 June 2017
Umgibe Farming Organics and Training Institute supports local farming co-operatives with access to technology, training and markets. The enterprise capacitates urban and small-scale farmers to graduate into commercial business units using Umgibe’s cost-effective and sustainable growing system. Read more