From bamboo bikes to biomass briquettes: UNEP unveils SEED Award Winners

Authors: Constance Hybsier Source: UN Environment
A novel solar device that turns waste heat into electricity in rural China, a Ugandan business that manufactures stationary from agricultural waste, a bamboo bicycle project in Ghana and a female-run business in South Africa making a hand-held laundry device that saves water are among the 30 winners of the 2010 SEED Awards, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) announced today. Read more
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Enterprise Brief: Resentse Sinqobile Trust Trading as Zondi BuyBack Initiative

Published: 29 August 2010
The non-profit initiative Resentse Sinqobile Trust (Zondi Buy Back Centre) was initiated in 2004 by the City of Johannesburg through financial support from the Danish government to educate the community about waste management. The initiative contributes to environmental and climate protection by reusing recyclable materials from waste and offers income to unemployed citizens. Read more
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