Digital Innovation for Eco-Inclusive Enterprises

Published: 30 March 2020Authors: Khawla Rammali, Linde Wolters, Sonya Ong
Digital innovation is a great way to accelerate social, environmental and economic transformation, for enterprises to tackle challenges such as climate change, food security, gender equality, and scale-up solutions more quickly through technology. Read more
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Catching up with SEED Award winners and finalists: Lighting Up Hope and Communities

Published: 30 October 2010
The Nicaraguan project, 'Lighting Up Hope and Communities', received a SEED Award in 2008 for its production and sale of solar products specially designed for local needs. Read more
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SEED Winners book success with the help of the Small Grants Programme

Published: 01 July 2010
The GEF (Global Environmental Facility) Small Grants programme (SGP), implemented by UNDP, has recently granted the women's group 'Solar Women of Totogalpa', a partner in the 2008 SEED winning initiative 'Lighting up Hope and Communities', funding for the construction of their solar restaurant. Read more
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Nicaragua's 'Solar Women' Receive 2008 SEED Award in Managua

Published: 30 October 2008
For Nicaraguan winner 'Lighting Up Hope and Communities', the 2008 SEED Awards events in Managua were an overwhelming success. The partnership received its SEED Award. Read more
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Enterprise Brief: Lighting Up Hope and Communities

Published: 23 August 2008
Lighting up Hope and Communities has won one of five 2008 SEED Awards for its work to become a model for the creation of a
financially self-sustaining business selling renewable energy products. Read more
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Making sustainable development happen: SEED announces its 2008 Award Winners

Published: 21 August 2008
Pintadas Solar in Brasil is one of the five highly resourceful and innovative local entrepreneurial partnerships today celebrated as the SEED Initiative announced its 2008 SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development. Read more
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From Cameroon to the Andaman coast: 2008 SEED Award finalists are announced and SEED's Associate Partners Network is launched

Published: 16 May 2008
The SEED Initiative is pleased to announce the inspiring ventures which have been selected as finalists for the 2008 SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development. This year's 15 finalists offer exciting examples of innovative action in important fields of sustainability. Read more
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