Social and Green Enterprises – How to Create Enabling Frameworks to Increase their Contribution to Sustainable Development?

Published: 04 November 2014Authors: Amélie Heuër
Over the last four years, SEED has hosted a series of unique multi-stakeholder for a focussed on the Green Economy and Africa - the SEED Symposia - where each year innovative and promising start-up enterprises, that won a SEED Award for their remarkable efforts to address social and environmental challenges at the grassroots, are presented. Read more
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Enterprise Brief: Fundación Huellas Verdes

Published: 31 August 2014
Fundación Huellas Verdes offers enterprises and institutions a means to offset their carbon emissions by planting vetiver, a grass storing carbon in its roots. When introduced to areas with slopes at risk of landslides, vetiver protects neighbouring communities by preventing erosion. Read more
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