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Insights from the case Studies in Uganda and South Africa

Published: 05 February 2024
At SEED, our commitment to fostering the transition to a circular economy is unwavering, and we firmly believe that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can be instrumental game-changers in this transformative journey. Recognising their potential to curtail carbon emissions, manage waste efficiently, and contribute to community education, we are excited to unveil a compelling series of case study videos focusing on four exemplary circular enterprises in Uganda and South Africa. Read more

Case Study: Natural Justice

Published: 07 September 2012
Bio-cultural protocols (BCPs) are tools that facilitate culturally-rooted participatory decision-making processes within communities with the aim of asserting their rights to their communally managed lands and knowledge. Read more

SEED 2009 Gold Winners move on

Published: 02 March 2010
Over the last few months the SEED Secretariat has attended all the award ceremonies and conducted workshops for each of the 2009 SEED Gold Winners. Read more

Enterprise Brief: Bio-cultural Community Protocols

Published: 24 August 2009
Natural Justice is working with communities to develop bio-cultural community protocols. These help communities assert their rights to manage their natural resources and regulate access to their traditional knowledge according to their values and customary laws. Read more