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Replicating successful business models - Moving from lighthouses to a network of street lamps

Published: 05 September 2016Authors: Christine Meyer
It is a challenge to transition to a low carbon economy while improving the well-being of the world’s nine billion people. By replicating proven solutions, positive impact from eco-inclusive enterprises can spread, and facilitate the transition to a low carbon economy while also improving social conditions as set in the SDGs. Read more

SEED 2009 Gold Winners move on

Published: 02 March 2010
Over the last few months the SEED Secretariat has attended all the award ceremonies and conducted workshops for each of the 2009 SEED Gold Winners. Read more

Enterprise Brief: Almodo

Published: 24 August 2009
ALMODO, established in 2005, is a sustainable solid waste management system suitable for lower income urban areas. It collects, centralises and ecologically recovers waste and transforms it into products useful for the local community. Read more