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Winners of 2009 SEED Awards Announced

Published: 12 May 2009
The winners of the 2009 SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development were announced today at a high level award ceremony and reception. Twenty local initiatives from across the developing world received this year's award. Together, the winners cover a diverse range of promising business models that will tackle poverty and environmental stewardship in areas such as water and waste management, sustainable energy, recycling, and fish farming. Read more

Sweet Success: SEED Celebrates 2008 Cameroonian Winner at Yaounde event

Published: 04 December 2008
Guiding Hope, an environmentally and socially responsible producer of apiculture products, celebrated its receipt of a 2008 SEED Award with an awards ceremony at the US Embassy in Yaounde, followed by partnership workshops, and bilateral meetings with potential supporters in Cameroon. Read more

SEED Award Events in Salvador Recognise 2008 Brazilian Winner

Published: 28 November 2008
To celebrate the 2008 SEED Award Winner in Brazil, Pintadas Solar, a community-led partnership for water-efficient crop irrigation and bio-fuel production, SEED and the partnership held a series of events, including an awards ceremony at the Goethe Institute in Salvador, Bahia State, bilateral meetings, a site visit and a capacity building workshop. Read more

Indian Entrepreneurs Celebrated in Delhi by German Environment Minister

Published: 19 November 2008
The 2008 SEED event held in India for 2008 Award Winner Himalayan Oregano Oil against MRSA recognised the partnership for its accomplishments in providing sustainable livelihoods. Read more

Nicaragua's 'Solar Women' Receive 2008 SEED Award in Managua

Published: 30 October 2008
For Nicaraguan winner 'Lighting Up Hope and Communities', the 2008 SEED Awards events in Managua were an overwhelming success. The partnership received its SEED Award. Read more

Community-based tourism in Thailand honoured by UK's Environment Secretary

Published: 23 October 2008
2008 Award Winner 'From Relief to Self Reliance', a community-based tourism initiative working in tsunami-hit villages of Thailand's North Andaman coast, met the UK's Secretary of State for Environment, Hilary Benn, to receive their Award. Read more

Success Factors and Performance Measures for Eco-Inclusive Enterprises

Published: 12 September 2008Authors: David Boyer, Heather Creech, Leslie Paas
Eight critical success factors and fourteen performance indicators have been identified through the investigation of SEED Winners and other social and environmental entrepreneurs. Read more

Scale-Up and Replication of Eco-Inclusive Enterprises

Published: 12 September 2008Authors: Heather Creech
This paper explores how the international development community approaches scale-up and replication, and in particular its role in supporting start-up social and environmental enterprises with a view to expanding their business and their social and environmental impacts. Read more

Typologies for Eco-Inclusive Partnerships

Published: 12 September 2008Authors: Heather Creech, Leslie Paas
This paper suggests that developing partnership management is one critical success factor for social and environmental entrepreneurs but is not the defining modus operandi. It presents seven other critical success factors based on empirical evidence gathered from eco-inclusive enterprises.  Read more

Enterprise Brief: From Relief to Self-Reliance

Published: 23 August 2008
From Relief to Self Reliance has won one of five 2008 SEED Awards for its work to expand employment opportunities, strengthen local economic and cultural activity and promote sustainable resource management through community based tourism. Read more

Enterprise Brief: Guiding Hope - Upscaling Fair Trade Honey and Wax Marketing

Published: 23 August 2008
Guiding Hope has won one of five 2008 SEED Awards for its work to establish an environmentally and socially responsible, fair-yet-profitable trade in apiculture products. Read more

Enterprise Brief: Himalayan Oregano Oil and Sustainable Livelihoods against MRSA

Published: 23 August 2008
Himalayan Oregano Oil against MRSA has won one of five 2008 SEED Awards for its potential to improve health and its work to provide a sustainable source of income for herb collectors and reduce villagers’ dependency on the collection of endangered herbs, thereby contributing towards conservation of those herbs in their natural habitat. Read more

Enterprise Brief: Lighting Up Hope and Communities

Published: 23 August 2008
Lighting up Hope and Communities has won one of five 2008 SEED Awards for its work to become a model for the creation of a
financially self-sustaining business selling renewable energy products. Read more

Enterprise Brief: Pintadas Solar

Published: 23 August 2008
Pintadas Solar has won one of five 2008 SEED Awards for its work to help small farmers communities to adapt to climate change, improve local food security, mitigate their own carbon emissions, and reduce poverty by increasing income and creating local employment opportunities. Read more

Making sustainable development happen: SEED announces its 2008 Award Winners

Published: 21 August 2008
Pintadas Solar in Brasil is one of the five highly resourceful and innovative local entrepreneurial partnerships today celebrated as the SEED Initiative announced its 2008 SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development. Read more

From Cameroon to the Andaman coast: 2008 SEED Award finalists are announced and SEED's Associate Partners Network is launched

Published: 16 May 2008
The SEED Initiative is pleased to announce the inspiring ventures which have been selected as finalists for the 2008 SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development. This year's 15 finalists offer exciting examples of innovative action in important fields of sustainability. Read more

Further Success for SEED Winners: T'ikapapa wins the World Challenge 2007, with Bridging the Gap selected as a finalist

Published: 18 December 2007
T'ikapapa, based in Peru, beat nearly 1000 other projects from around the world to win World Challenge 2007. Read more

South Africa hosts worlds' new breed of entrepreneurs - environmental entrepreneurs

Published: 15 October 2007
The Winners of the 2007 SEED Awards arrived in Pretoria on Saturday, 13 October for the Annual Partnership Forum and a two day workshop Read more

Partnerships from Five Nations Receive “2007 SEED AWARDS” for Innovation in Local Sustainable Development

Published: 30 May 2007
Seed Awards 2007 recognize, support and encourage the delivery of innovative, local, partnership-based solutions to global challenges of environmental stewardship and poverty eradication. Read more

Davos: UNEP Executive Director announces finalists for 2007 SEED Awards

Authors: UNEP Source: UN News
Entrepreneurs promoting a range of businesses – from community-based tourism in Brazil to Vietnamese bringing medicinal plants to the international market – are among 10 finalists announced today by the head of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for a key sustainable development award. Read more

Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Published: 12 September 2006Authors: Julia Steets
 This report discusses trends and cross-cutting themes related to partnerships such as funding, organisation and accountability. Read more

The Contributions of Locally-Driven Partnerships

Published: 12 September 2005Authors: Julia Steets
This report includes interpretation and commentary to stimulate debate on the role and potential of locally-driven partnerships for sustainable development. Read more

Entrepreneurial Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Published: 11 September 2005Authors: Julia Steets
This paper provides an analysis of the partnerships which applied to the SEED Awards in 2005 and demonstrates the wide variety of locally-driven entrepreneurial partnerships with the potential to contribute to sustainable development. Read more

Enterprise Brief: Water for All

Published: 23 August 2005
The municipal water company, a private consortium, the local community and a non-profit foundation form an entrepreneurial partnership to greatly extend access to affordable water in peri-urban areas of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Read more

Enterprise Brief: A Global Marketing Partnership for SRI Indigenous Rice

Published: 22 August 2005
Farming communities, a research institute, NGOs, and businesses collaborate to market indigenous varieties of rice grown with SRI (System of Rice Intensification) methods, thereby improving incomes, conserving biodiversity, and benefiting health and the environment. Read more