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Jobs Redesigned: Exploring Circular Economy Solutions in the Private Sector

Published: 29 August 2023Authors: Paula Cros Marchena
SEED and the Circular Economy Catalyst, hosted by adelphi, are organising a side event as part of the World Resources Forum 2023 Read more

First SEED TVET Training of Trainers

Published: 29 August 2023
Last month, we piloted the first SEED TVET Training of Trainers on Eco-Inclusive and Climate Change Adaptation Entrepreneurship at Linde Hotel in Mponela, Malawi. Read more

Crispin Rapinet

Published: 20 July 2023
We are deeply saddened by the loss of Crispin Rapinet. His support as member and as Chair of the SEED Board has been tremendous. We will miss his leadership, advice and his wonderful sense of humour very much. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to his family. Read more

Agrifood Transformation for the SDGs: Innovations and SMEs as the gamechangers

Published: 19 July 2023
SEED and FAO will host a Side Event at UN Food Systems Summit +2, on Wednesday, 26 July, in Rome, Italy and online. The side-event considers countries' pathways and different realities by showcasing and exchanging various bottom-up solutions and innovations that can support ongoing sectoral policies, national food systems strategies and voluntary national reviews in the context of the 2030 agenda. Read more

Eco-Inclusive SMEs facilitating transformative change at HLPF 2023

Published: 19 July 2023
At the occasion of HLPF 2023, an event on "Eco-Inclusive SMEs facilitating transformative change for Nature, Climate, Circular- and Agrifood-Systems delivering towards the SDGs" was organised by SEED and the Government of Flanders. With localising the SDGs being one of the main focuses of HLPF 2023, the SEED event was probably the only one involving SMEs, delivering on the ground with and for local communities, facilitating needed transformative change for resilient ecosystems and societies, and for a green economy. Read more

SEED Announces Winners of the 2023 Green Entrepreneurship Awards under Climate Adaptation

Published: 13 July 2023
Today, adelphi and Flanders announced the winners of the Green Entrepreneurship Awards 2023 under the Climate Adaptation category by SEED. The awards scheme, a flagship event of adelphi’s Green Entrepreneurship programme, aims to recognise and celebrate the most innovative and promising eco-inclusive and circular enterprises in developing and emerging economies. Read more

Eco-Inclusive SMEs facilitating transformative change for Nature, Climate, Circular- and Agrifood-Systems delivering towards the SDGs

Published: 26 June 2023
Join our side event to the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development organized by the Government of Flanders and SEED, in collaboration with Germany, UNEP, UNDP, FAO, WFTO and BioFA, at the Flanders House New York. Read more

Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation to host SEED India Hub

Published: 14 June 2023
India is now a home to the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world. With the rise of digital technologies and an increasing number of young entrepreneurs over the past decade, the Indian startup ecosystem has come a long way. From April 2023 Ekonnect is hosting the SEED’s India Hub to scale the impacts of eco-inclusive enterprises. Read more

Driving Green Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainable Development in Morocco

Published: 14 June 2023
SEED is gladly back to Morocco with a new project, aiming to strengthen innovation and job creation to further promote and deliver sustainable and inclusive economy, through enhanced green entrepreneurship. Moroccan entrepreneurs are invited to take part in the SEED Replicator Programme, which offers a unique opportunity for incubation and personalised tailored support. Read more

SEED celebrates 20 years of promoting entrepreneurship

Published: 15 May 2023
2022 is a special year for SEED, not only celebrating 20 years but also drawing lessons from activities and various projects, initiating new collaborations while looking forward to 2023 and beyond, being better informed and equipped to contribute to urgent transformative change with and through SMEs. The 2022 Annual Report highlights SEED activities and achievements in terms of enterprise support, ecosystem building and advocacy. Read more

SEED: 20 years of promoting entrepreneurship for sustainable development in Zambia and launch of the Biodiversity Finance Accelerator

Published: 04 May 2023
For over 20 years now, SEED has been supporting eco-inclusive enterprises across more than 30 countries. Eco-inclusive MSMEs provide market-based solutions to social and environmental problems. These enterprises create lasting collective impacts across their value chains, serving the communities at the base of the pyramid and promoting the inclusion of disadvantaged groups, while tackling environmental issues. Read more

Supporting Malawi

Published: 27 March 2023
By now many of you may have read about the devastating “record-breaking” longest-lasting tropical cyclone that has caused extensive damage, taking lives, leaving many families without shelter, food, and water in Southern Africa. The situation is critical and highlights the extreme urgencies of loss and damage caused by climate change especially to the global south, widening already existing inequalities. As partners working closely with these communities in Malawi, we would like to call for your support for them in their efforts to rebuild. Read more

SEED Female Entrepreneurship Month

Published: 22 March 2023
In honour of the International Women’s Day on 8th March, we kicked-off the SEED Female Entrepreneurship Month social media campaign. We're celebrating SEED-supported enterprises that are led by women or empower women through their inspiring work. Read more

SDG Agrifood Accelerator Programme by FAO and SEED

Published: 15 February 2023
FAO and SEED have identified twelve Agrifood Innovators from SEED's portfolio of 358 enterprises for the first rendition of the SDG Agrifood Accelerator Programme. The Programme supports the selected innovators' pathway to scale up and links them with partners to strengthen their market development and innovation trajectories. Read more

SEED Launch Event in Morocco

Published: 09 February 2023
SEED is honoured to welcome Julie Bynens, Secretary General, Flanders Department of Chancellery and Foreign Affairs, in Casablanca to celebrate the launch of the project. Over the next months, upcoming activities include Training for Trainers workshops for Business Development Service Providers, a Green SME Finance Academy for financial institutions and SEED Replicator & SEED Starter workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs. Read more

Climate Adaptation Awards in Botswana, Malawi and Zambia

Published: 01 February 2023Authors: Paula Cros Marchena
SEED is now accepting applications for the Climate Adaptation Awards in Botswana, Malawi, and Zambia. Funded by the Government of Flanders, the Awards are part of a joint initiative to promote entrepreneurship for sustainable development. Read more

SEED Contributed to the Arab Region Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR) 2023

Published: 31 January 2023Authors: Supapim Wannopas
Urgent action is needed to secure the environmental commons, reverse environmental degradation, and support human well-being. The role of Green SMEs in this process cannot be overstated, as they have the potential to bring about positive societal change for a resilient future. Read more

Advocating for the role of eco-inclusive MSMEs

Published: 26 January 2023
With the aim to further promote eco-inclusive entrepreneurship and advocate for the role of the SMEs in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SEED has been invited to join and contribute to a few major events: United Nations Regional Consultation for the Arab Region & United Nations Regional 3R and Circular Economy Forum in Asia and the Pacific. Read more

4 years of promoting entrepreneurship for sustainable development in Indonesia

Published: 12 December 2022
As part of SEED’s 20 Years celebration globally, the SEED 20 Years Celebration were held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to celebrate and reflect on SEED’s work in Indonesia. The event brought together stakeholders of SEED’s various programmes including beneficiary MSMEs, partners, and ecosystem players in the climate-smart entrepreneurship space. Read more

SEED 20th anniversary celebration in India

Published: 09 December 2022
SEED celebrated 10 years of support for India’s transition to low-carbon and green economy since 2013 and the inauguration of the SEED India Hub in 2020. Read more

SEED 20 Years Celebration in Malawi

Published: 29 November 2022
A celebration was held at Bingu International Conference Centre to mark the 20th anniversary of the SEED programme and the launch of the Biodiversity Finance Accelerator (BioFA) project in Malawi. The event brought together eco-inclusive and biodiversity enterprises supported by SEED and BioFA programmes, as well as supporters and implementing partners in the climate-smart entrepreneurship space. Read more

Practitioner Labs: Green Finance for Climate Adaptation & Biodiversity

Published: 29 November 2022
The Biodiversity Finance Accelerator (BioFA) in collaboration with SEED hosted Practitioner Labs: Green Finance for Climate Adaptation & Biodiversity in Malawi. The Practitioner Labs aimed to facilitate a hands-on process that results in targeted green finance solutions, which support the growth of MSMEs that are actively delivering biodiversity solutions and championing climate adaptation efforts across their value chains. Read more

SEED established cooperation with three vocational training institutes in Malawi

Published: 29 November 2022
Since 2014, SEED has extensively supported eco-inclusive entrepreneurs in Malawi. Making use of the experience and knowledge gained, SEED established a new cooperation with Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training (TEVET) colleges to enable targeted entrepreneurship support for their students and graduates. Read more

4 years of supporting climate-smart and socially inclusive enterprises in Thailand

Published: 22 November 2022
Established in 2018, the SEED Thailand Hub was instrumental in the implementation of the Global SEED Symposium and the Green Recovery Ecosystem Builder Programme Southeast Asia Cohort. Read more

SEED is returning to Morocco!

Published: 21 November 2022
In 2022, many years after SEED’s last Award in Morocco, SEED is launching new activities to support green entrepreneurs. The aim is to strengthen innovation and job creation for a more sustainable and inclusive economy in Morocco. Read more